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What My Dog Taught Me About Garden Design

The differences between dog and human eyesight got me thinking about why we people might prefer particular garden styles.

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Renewal and Remembrance

Gardens make Nature personal — and a shared garden makes that connection more personal still.

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Meh, or M.E.B.?

Incorporating a stunning swath of perennials in a landscape is a great way to add interest and some personal flair.

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Bring Back the Seventies

I have to admit, I miss the 70s — the temperature range, that is, not the decade.

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Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful

One of the great things about gardening is that you get to engage in a lot of good-natured, completely justified grousing.

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No Experience Necessary: Part 3 — Insight

Think experts have a lock on bright ideas? Think again . . .

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No Experience Necessary: Part 2 — Wonder

The best part about admiring my neighbors’ new garden wasn’t the plants or the design.

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No Experience Necessary: Part 1 — Freedom

As odd as it may sound, being a beginner gardener can be a really liberating experience.

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The Giants, Again?

The surprising parallels between baseball’s most loathsome teams and particularly pesky garden plants.

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When in Doubt, Don’t Stomp and Shout

One of the joys of gardening for me is to prowl around the yard periodically to see if anything’s happening that I haven’t seen before.

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