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If you’re unsure what design services you might need or would simply like some on-the-spot advice about a specific design issue, we will meet with you at your residence for a landscape or garden consultation.

Landscape consultations typically take an hour or two (depending on the size of the property) and are charged at an hourly rate.

Whether you are looking to update an existing landscape or want to create an entirely new outdoor space, engaging us to produce a design will ensure that your new landscape or garden is not only beautiful but also is specifically tailored to you: your home, your lifestyle and your local environment.

Although every design project is unique, the collaborative process we use to design a new landscape or garden typically involves the following steps:

getting together

The first step is to meet at your home to get a feel for your landscape and how it relates to the house and the neighborhood.

We’ll also discuss your thoughts and ideas about your landscape and how you would like to see it improved.

After this preliminary meeting, we’ll send you a written proposal outlining the services we propose to provide.

getting the lay of the land

After the proposal has been accepted but before moving forward with any design work, we’ll inspect and document your landscape, taking photographs and noting existing conditions.

We’ll also review a copy of the plat for your property and, if necessary, recommend that a topographical survey be prepared to accurately measure changes in grade.

The information we collect will be used to create an accurate base map that reflects your landscape as it currently exists, noting key challenges and opportunities.

generating design ideas

Armed with a clear understanding of your needs and desires for the landscape as well as its current state, we’ll develop one or more conceptual plans that begin to give shape to our design ideas.

We typically use hand-drawn sketches and photographic images to help explain those ideas to you.

We’ll go over the concept(s) face-to-face to get your feedback before moving into more detailed design development.

finalizing the design

When a final design has been agreed upon, we’ll capture it in one or more drawings that provide a detailed overview of the design, including plant selections and locations and the different design elements envisioned (such as new paths and walkways, patios, terraces, water features, arbors, trellises and fences, etc.).

The number of final drawings we prepare will vary, depending on the scope and complexity of the project.

Fees: Landscape and garden design services are charged either at an hourly rate or on a project basis, and vary depending on the size of the project and the complexity of the services to be provided.

* Please note that some steps may be collapsed or eliminated for small projects or for projects involving the design of a discrete landscape element, such as a planting plan.

A Peaceable Garden LLC is a design-only firm, meaning that we do not build or install landscapes and gardens ourselves.  However, after we prepare a design for you, we will work with you to find the best way to get your new landscape installed, and can assist with the selection of contractors and oversight of the installation process.

If you don’t intend to go forward with the entire project immediately, we can advise you on how you might phase the construction over time in a way that suits your lifestyle and your budget.

We’ll also discuss ongoing maintenance and how to ensure that your new landscape evolves to its full potential.

Fees for our involvement in the installation process are negotiated separately from our design service fees.

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