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Waiting for Frost

I always have mixed feelings as the first real freeze approaches.

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Up Close and Personal

How a dear friend taught me that a great picture of just one blossom can capture the feeling of a garden.

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Walk and Weep

Why I stroll through English gardens with a hanky in hand

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Resilient Plant Strategies: Part Two

As promised, here are three more strategies for selecting plants that can handle our increasingly erratic weather.

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Doing the Continental

Our erratic weather has me looking to the heartland for resilient plants.

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Unexpected Evergreens

Perennials and grasses can play a surprising role in enhancing the winter landscape.

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Fifty Shades of Brown

A dormant perennial garden can be a work of art in winter.

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Variety and Unity

Call it post-election musings, but I’ve been thinking a lot about unity and variety, two essential principles of landscape design.

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Crossing to Safety

The transition to fall allows the garden — and the gardener — to finally relax.

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Drama Queens Are Welcome: Part 2

Featuring the top 5 plants that have added some real pizzazz to my narrow perennial beds

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