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Looking to stand out from the crowd while lowering your maintenance costs?

A Peaceable Garden LLC can help.

Too often, commercial green spaces lack personality and require constant — and expensive — upkeep.

APG works with commercial clients and landscape contractors to create landscapes that are attractive, unique and low-maintenance.

Commercial landscape design matters.

People instinctively connect to nature, and investing in attractive green space can help connect them to you.

Landscape Design for Office Buildings

The architecture of an office building isn’t an after-thought; it’s an integral reflection of the building’s purpose and function.

So why do so many different office buildings have the same unimaginative landscaping – much of which gets pulled out and replaced season after season?

At APG, we think doing the “same old, same old” is a missed opportunity.

The entry to an office building is its calling card. Distinctive plantings that complement the building’s purpose and architecture will send the right branding message to all who enter. And careful selection of plants and containers can help keep ongoing maintenance costs down while being good for the environment too.

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Commercial Landscape Design
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Landscape Design for Other Commercial Properties

Office campuses, shopping centers and mixed use developments can all be enhanced by creative and thoughtful landscape design:

  • Streetscapes can be updated with attractive containers and layered plantings that use less mulch.
  • Pocket parks and small seating areas can be created to provide spaces for relaxation and interaction with nature.
  • Native trees and shrubs can be planted to help support wildlife and perform other ecological functions, even in urban locations.

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